Airborne Support


Airborne Unit stationed at Camp Braying Ass

S.O.A.R. unit

An integral part of Homeland Security based at F.O.B. Braying Ass is the Airborne squad.  They are the Special Operation Avian Regiment with Col. Sanders in command.  This is a international unit with French, Polish, S. American, British and American blue blooded chickens ready to be deployed.  The squad prefers the Blackhawk UH-60 for fast insertion and easy flying.  A chicken can only fly for 13 seconds max.  This does not deter the unit.  Rhode Island Red is a Sapper and a Green Beret.  Other bios will become available.  chick back often...

Lt.“Buff” Polish


Ranger School

Ft. Benning, Ga.

Col. Sanders

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Airborne School  Ft. Benning, Ga.

Col. Sanders and his elite squad recently completed their training and have earned their “wings”.  They were very thankful for the parachutes and the intense tower work before the jumps.