Lt. Fokker

I was born in Dalton, Georgia back in the woods behind a big apartment complex where  I was able to mooch a lot of pizza and junk food from the young humans.  A college grad took me on as he had grown up with lots of cats and  he was lonely.  One day he decided I needed to be neutered... I was already 2 or so.. well I was not given a choice.  The next thing I knew I was in the cargo of a big bird heading to California and a house full of cats, run by a tough cat vet.  (just my luck...) But I quickly let them know who was boss cat.  When the young human went to Iraq with the Army  I formed the Kitty Platoon.....and the rest is well...history.  My rank follows that of the human soldier so I will be Captain in 6/10.


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I was deployed to Iraq in spite of what Pvt. Sugar the renegade Chihuahua says on her page.  I never saw her there and I don’t believe her photo proof one bit.  I got on great with the military dogs (they respected my weapons of mass destruction) and rode many missions with Lt. I did not need night vision goggles either.  Cats rule!

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