Private Sugar


Private Sugar (small female from Chihuahua) joined the army in  January of 2009.  She had just completed basic training at Ft. Benning when she saw the K.P. landing after Ranger Graduation.  She swam Victory Pond in order to get a closer look at this magnificent group of deadly felines and was rewarded with hisses, swats and catty remarks.  Her tenacity and bravery won her an honorary  place in the platoon.  She also claimed to have been in Iraq with a convoy unit but was unclear on the dates and the photos she provided appeared to have been photoshopped .

She insisted she was the Spanish interpreter  and rode shot gun on more than 100 night missions from Taji to Camp Victory. 

Lt. Fokker requested she not wear the polka dot dress uniform when with the platoon.  Pvt. Sugar currently lives in Columbus, Georgia with her civilian trainer.

yiprrrrruff.  My dress is wet!

            Official Platoon Portrait

Pvt.s Sugar and Smokey at the home base.

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With my hero ... really...

Pvt. Sugar’s “in country” photos.

See. ..I was there while the KITTIES were home!!!